We hope this camp sparks your child into becoming the best player they can be. We have seen many kids who never have the camp experience.  We want to provide a place where kids can fall in love with the game of lacrosse, learn and make mistakes, as well as be creative and try new things. This is what we believe we have created here.

“Coach! My youngest is finally old enough to do this camp-his older brother George LOVED it.  Sending in the form today! Thanks for all you do for lacrosse in this area.”

Maureen Anderson

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great camp last week.  Evan is in camps of all types for much of the summer, and rarely does he come home from any of them saying each day was “Awesome” like he did last week.”


“Our son, Stryker has really enjoyed your camp and is looking forward to this year’s camp as well. Sincerely”

Lisa Spomer